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Zman Alexander carry lift abs pecs chest

Zman vs Alexander Outside & Abomb vs Chaz - Battlespace 6

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Abomb vs Chaz
Chaz is definitely a glutton for punishment, as he now takes on Abomb. LOTS of real power and flexing in this match up. There are bearhugs, body scissors, headlocks, leg locks, and some great submission holds. Abomb really uses his massive 53 inch chest and 19 inch arms to really put some serious hurt on Chaz and wear him down this match. Chaz fights back with his limited wrestling skills, but it maybe too much for Abombs overwhelming power.

Zman vs Alexander Outside Battle
Alexander is BACK! He has a big axe to grind against Zack and wanted to challenge him to a wrestling match outside so he could do a lot of his high flying moves and power stunts that he couldn't do inside. This is one long match with a lot of back and forth, a few dirty tricks, and some serious high flying action. These two really dish it out with painful punches, backbreakers - over the knee, pile drivers, pedigree, and many other power moves that we normally can't do inside our normal location. Plus, you'll see RED walk over and start talking a lot of smack while these two are wrestling. Could this lead to a war between Alexander and RED?