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dominic bodyscissors submission hold submit pain torture

Big Sexy and BamBam vs Bulldog and Dominic - Bodybuilder Battle 30

$ 30.00


Dominic and Bulldog try to push their way onto the workout mats BamBam and Big Sexy are using. Big Sexy was already feeling crowded, resentfully sharing the space and equipment with BamBam, but splitting the territory four ways is too much. Words get tossed about, and hackles rise. Contemptuously, Bulldog and Dominic ignore all protestations and elbow in and take over, as if nobody else is present. The air is suddenly thick with tension. These four hotheads have egos you could land planes on, so no doubt trouble is on its way, and fast. Backs straighten, chests fill out, and fingers start instinctively curling into fists, as each mans eyes shift up and down and side to side to size the other guys up. Everybody is on edge, agitated, itching to knock chips off shoulders in the tried and true caveman way. Impatient with the way the negotiations are going, Big Sexy lassos Bulldogs neck with the stretch rope and tries to physically haul him off the mats. When Dominic jumps in to save his buddy, BamBam sides with Sexy and locks up with the newcomer. Bulldog escapes Sexys clutches with an overhead body slam and joins Dominic in beating on BamBam. Sexy halts the melee and makes the suggestion that they team up and tag, to settle the dispute in a more orderly fashion. But order doesnt come easily for these guys. BamBam grabs Bulldog by the hips and starts pounding the big mans face to the mat. Bulldog tags Dominic in, and Dominic slips BamBam into a stretch hold he escapes only by tagging in Sexy. These guys dont go easy on each other. Their moves are meant to stick. Bearhug slams, piledrivers, aided clothesline takedowns, head butts, jackhammer punches to the gut, and lethal rib shots leave dents that last for weeks. A number of close calls trigger interventions that aren't strictly legal, and double teaming often outlasts the customary 5-second count but there's no ref, and frankly we cant think of anybody whod be so foolhardy as to step in between these guys in the midst of a four-way adrenalin rush. Soon enough, all semblance of order breaks down as two guys pound on oneand all four fighters are on the match at once. With no ref and no standing rules of combat, just how ugly will the ultimate beatdown get? But perhaps the bigger question is How dependable is Big Sexy, forever the loner, always looking out for number one, and typically unwilling to share the spotlight, as a tag team partner?