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Bulldog headlock Big Sexy leg lock arms bicep thighs

Big Sexy vs Bulldog - Mat Wars 30

$ 30.00

Big Sexy and Bulldog are former college wrestling rivals and feel no love loss as they take each other on for Thunder's Arena. They start out with a BANG with them battling it out with slam after slam, even a very impressive bearhug slam. Big Sexy ends up trapping Bulldog in a dragon sleeper after much back and forth battling and a full on reverse bearhug. After a few bearhugs, Big Sexy gets Bulldog down and traps him in such a weird way he starts pulling out his arm pit hair as a new way to torment him, asking him to give! Bulldog breaks free and ends up putting Big Sexy in a full nelson and even has a Saturday night ride after he takes him down to the mat that almost makes Big Sexy give. What is crazy you don't want to miss is that during a scramble for position Bulldog popped up smacked Big Sexy in the mouth making him bleed! Now the battle is crazy! Big Sexy goes nuts and starts lifting and carrying bulldog all over the mats in fireman's throws and choke lifts and a special over the knee backbreaker you don't want to miss, I've never seen a submission like. Watch these guys on the mat as they each battle it out in a bloody grudge match!