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Choke Lift Thunders Arena wrestling

Blayne and Zman vs Deadlock - Mat Rats 91

$ 33.88

Deadlock, a recent addition to the Thunder’s roster, is in love with himself – he loves his look, his muscular physique, his ability; in short, he thinks he’s the most perfect man alive.  Today he’s roaming the Thunder’s house, looking for followers to worship him and he thinks he finds them in Blayne and ZMan!  The two veterans are incredulous at Deadlock’s supreme confidence!  ZMan (in a yellow singlet) and Blayne (coloured trunks) start mocking the newcomer, which Deadlock does not take too kindly too!  He suddenly charges in, wrapping his arm around ZMan’s neck and pulling Blayne in for the same!  But ZMan and Blayne didn’t get to where they are today without some skills of their own – they literally throw Deadlock forward and away, the mouthy newbie landing on the mats.  As Blayne and ZMan debate who’s going to go first, Deadlock takes matters into his own hands and lashes out with a swift kick to Blayne’s midsection!  Deadlock slams Blayne to the mat and switches his attention to ZMan – a lightning quick dropkick levels the veteran, but he rallies and charges into the rookie, taking Deadlock to the mat and choking him!  Blayne rejoins the fight, stomping on Deadlock’s balls as ZMan holds him in place with the choke – BRUTAL!

All three men get to their feet and Blayne lunges first, lifting Deadlock up for a payback slam to the mats.  More double teaming as ZMan lands a kick to Deadlock’s exposed ribs!  Deadlock gets mad, throwing Blayne all over the place and grounding him with a crippling arm bar!  This is getting rough!  Blayne and Deadlock unload on each other as ZMan watches from the sidelines – slams, seated powerbomb, multiple kicks and backbreakers!  Camel clutch on Blayne!  But Blayne gets him back with a debilitating nut shot followed by a rib-bending bodyscissor!  Suddenly ZMan comes in whilst Deadlock is down, and slaps on a nelson, grinding the rookie’s face into the mat!  ZMan has speed and skill, but so does Deadlock – plus it’s now two on one!  Blayne goes back on the attack, but find himself flat on his back under Deadlock’s foot.  Flying elbow from Deadlok!  ZMan is furious and the singlet straps come down!  Deadlock clamps a headscissor on Blayne, but ZMan jumps in and does the same to Deadlock – Headscissor train!

Suddenly, the landscape changes as Blayne thinks that ZMan was helping Deadlock!  Blayne lets loose with punches to ZMan’s abs, each blow chipping away at their alliance!  Deadlock catches Blayne in a full nelson and ZMan takes advantage, assaulting Blayne’s abs – now it’s every man for himself! Double bearhug from Deadlock and a Sharpshooter on ZMan!  All three are leaving everything on the mats in this one!  Sleepers, chokes, gut bashing, slams, stomps, and so much more!  Can ZMan and Blayne repair their alliance and take down the upstart?  Can Deadlock put the two veterans away for an upset?  Or will the numbers game prove too much to handle?  This is an action packed match that doesn’t let up and doesn’t disappoint – add it to your collection now!