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Zman grabs Rocky Brick in an armbar submission in Thunders Arena

Zman vs Rocky Brick - Bodybuilder Battle 16

$ 25.95

As Rocky Brick and Zman challenge each other to a couple of friendly arm-wrestling matches, we soon find out that Rocky Brick is "Mr. Left" and Zman is "Mr. Right." This stalemate can only be settled one way: on the mat! As these two take it to the mat, Rocky Brick thinks a bit too highly of himself, but Zman quickly shows him a lesson in how to be humble. In this amazing match, you will see Rocky Brick lock Zman in a nasty headlock and dance him around the mat like a puppet. Zman quickly turns things around and begins to dominate the mat with a standing camel clutch. Rocky Brick manages to tangle up Zman in a wicked body scissors and tries to squeeze the breath right out of him. Zman counters and is not only able to trap Rocky Brick in a punishing head scissors, but also delivers a devastating dragon sleeper that nearly ends the match. Rocky Brick gets so angry that he tries to rip Zman's guts right out with an incredibly rare ab claw. There are a lot of great holds too like ankle locks, headlocks, and arm bars to camel clutches, head scissors and even a bone crunching figure 4 leg lock. This match is for fans of flexing too because these two love to show off their muscles during the match which is full of the intense, non-stop action!