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Tag Team Johnny Bravo & Kyle vs Diesel & ???? - Bodybuilder Battle 02

Tag Team Johnny Bravo & Kyle vs Diesel & ???? - Bodybuilder Battle 02

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Diesel & Mystery Partner vs Kyle & Johnny Bravo

Now we are proud to bring you the TAG TEAM match of your dreams! Many people have written us in to see Kyle wrestle Johnny Bravo so when we talked to them about the match, we found out they were already friends. They had become friends at a bodybuilding contest in Washington state. So they wanted to team up and take on anyone. Diesel was dying for a re-match against Kyle so he promised us he would find a tag team partner. He told us how he has been training and grooming a new guy secretly and was ready to present him to the world in this tag team! So after a lot of pre-match flexing and posing Diesel brings out his "apprentice" and the tag team match is on. It is a BATTLE of the Bodybuilders to the max with lots of bearhugs and power moves. I don't want to give a thing away but all I can tell you is "friends" quickly turn into enemies! Johnny Bravo starts getting mad at Kyle and then starts showing Kyle up, this really ticks off Kyle who then starts showing Johnny Bravo up. The next thing you see is that they turn on each other! Those two massive bodybuilders who were tag team partners start tearing each other apart! I don't want to give away any more but this match is full of surprises around every corner. It's a great show of power and domination to a whole new level. You don't want to miss the most powerful muscle match of the YEAR!!!