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Cameron Mathews vs Bulldog and Dominic - Bodybuilder Battle 36

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Working on a tan can be a bit of hassle when someone's intentionally blocking your sun. Bulldog and Dominic decide to harass Cameron while he's working on his poolside tan. Cameron, doesn't like bully's and is more than ready to step up to the challenge of taking two rookies on at the same time. Cameron try's to gain the upper hand with a double clothesline, but shortly afterward is speared twice and falls victim to Dominic and Bulldog. They take turns fireman carrying Cameron around the mat. Cameron finally has had enough and with a quick low blow and a slam into the pillar to Bulldog, starts working on Dominic. CAMERON throws both men back into the house and even does a famous DOUBLE BEARHUG! After a double Camel Clutch, and a Boston Crab, Bulldog and Dominic see they may have bitten off more than they can handle. The fight then gets thrown into the house, where the match continues. This is sure to be a Thunders Arena Classic, see how this match comes to a conclusion.