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Troy Stevens vs Tony - Bodybuilder Battle 04

$ 30.00

This was a very popular match on Thunder TV we now release it on to DVD and Download. Tony is having a day to himself to workout, but that doesn't last long when giant 6'6' Troy Stevens walks into his life. Tony is so awe struck from the giant, that he tries to compare and contrasts actually starting to believe himself that he's bigger. Troy quickly turns that around and brings him back to earth by taking him down to the mat. Tony tries to start his assault with a bearhug. Troy takes him to the mat and uses his 310 lbs by crushing Tony to the mat with his RAW POWER. Tony locks up Troy's arm in a way he could snap it off. Troy laughs in Tony's face and welcomes the pain, daring Tony to rip it off! Troy then hulks out and powers through the arm bar smashing Tony's face into the mat. Troy continues the domination with his unbelievable power! Troy at one point picks Tony up in a full nelsons holding him off the ground, feet 3 feet off the mat mid air, because of his extreme height advantage. Tony tries a full nelson but can't even reach Troy's neck to get it locked. Troy Stevens just verbally mocks him and takes time to do some flexing and posing while Tony tries to figure out how to win. Can he do it? Will Tony overcome the mighty Troy Stevens? Or will Tony get crushed in the many bearhugs done by Troy or one of the various moves where Troy Stevens just ends up tossing him, squeezing him, and crushing Tony. Will he make it and fight back or will he trapped in a sleeper and take a long nap.