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bulldog dominic leglock leg submission hold submit pain torture

Bulldog vs Dominic - Bodybuilder Battle 40

$ 30.00

This is a match to show how quickly they grow up. Bulldog and Dominic started out as a tag team from the local frat house back in 2011, you can see how much bigger they both are now but after being humiliated by Cameron Mathews, in a previous 3 way match, Bulldog and Dominic start arguing over which one was the weakest link in the match. Dominic claims Bulldog is the weakest link cause he has no real experience and is just a big dumb jock, all muscle and no brains. Bulldog claims Dominic is the weakest link cause he lacks any real strength or wrestling skills. The two turn on each other and quickly things turn personal with holds and hits that are real and inflict maximum pain! You will see bearhugs, full nelsons, gut punching, body scissors and even a few holds we can't even name they were fighting in the heat of anger, blind rage, so they just wanted to destroy each other.