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Kyle Stevens vs Chaos - Bodybuilder Battle 07

$ 31.59

Wow talk about the battle of the egos. This was an amazing match filled with lots of flexing, trash talk, and amazing mat work and bearhugs. Choas just asks Klyle to make him a protien shake and Kyle just turns into a jerk and tells him to screw off. Well egos and muscles this big will clash and the war was on with that answer. They start out on the mat outside with lots of bearhugs, cradels, headlocks, bodyscissiors, and it is very back and forth, no clear advantage. When suddenly a surprise to us all they fall into the pool and take the battle to the pool. They don't let up with more racks, bearhugs, and so many other crazy moves that makes this an action packed WAR! You gotta see the ending it was like nothing I've seen!