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Bulldog Sebastian Big Sexy Brock bearhug lift carry back thighs

Bulldog, Sebastian, Big Sexy & Brock - Custom Video Series 04

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The Initiation

Bulldog vs The Pledge

Its Pledge Week at Thunders Arena, and frat bros Bulldog, Big Sexy, and Sebastian blindside Brock and subject him to a gauntlet of pain and humiliation, all to prove whether the quiet new guy has the necessary depth of commitment and obedience to the wrestling brotherhood. Brother Bulldog insists that this is not a hazing, simply an assessment of the new pledges character. Theres more to being accepted at the Arena, he explains, than just getting beat up in every match. For instance, getting down on all fours so that Bulldog can use you as a footstool. In the interest of building Brocks character, Bulldog berates the guy, barks contradictory commands, and slugs him in the gut for not reciting the Greek alphabet fast enough. Brock loses patience and goes on the offensive, trapping Bulldog in a crab hold, then switching to a camel clutch. Youre digging your own grave! Bulldog warns, ominously. Part One of The Initiation ends in the pool, where Bulldog dares the pledge to get past him to the other side of the pool. Its a baptism of sorts, but the trial by ordeal is just getting started.


Sebastian and Big Sexy with Bulldog vs The Pledge

Part Two starts as brotherhood elders Big Sexy and Sebastien interrupt the pool fight to call the clean-cut newbie back inside for the rest of the initiatory gauntlet. Sebastien wastes no time in quarreling with Brock, who refuses to back down from any of his three interrogators. I think were having some respect issues with the pledge, Bulldog observes. Bulldog and Brock get belly down on the mat for an arm-wrestling contest, first right-handed, then left-handed. When, in a surprise turn, Brock trounces the muscular Bulldog, more than adequately proving his worthiness for the brotherhood, Big Sexy turns on Bulldog, calling him an embarrassment to the Arena and its hallowed traditions. Bulldog and Sexy go at it, literally tooth and nail. The tables totally turned on Bulldog, elders Sexy and Sebastien launch an all-out attack on Bulldog and, soon enough, on Bulldog and Brock together! It turns into a fight between the new guys and the old guysand the fate of Thunders Arena may well hang in the balance!