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Batar over the knee backbreaker Cameron Mathews pecs arms

Cameron Mathews vs Batar - Mat Wars 27B

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Cameron Mathews vs Batar

Cameron Mathews is trash talking Batar for being old and fat. The two trash talk each other for q while before locking up. Cameron quickly gets Batar in a headlock and drags him around the mat. He pulls Batar down on the mat and they wrestle around for a bit. He grabs Batar's legs and puts him in a sort of banana split pin, then twists batar around until he has him on his stomach with his legs trapped behind him.. Cameron grabs Batar's arms and pulls them back painfully. The acrobatic Cameron somehow manages to twist Batar around and flips him over without ever letting go of him and sits on his legs while pulling his arms through... You have to see this to understand it. As the two of them wrestle around in moves too complicated to describe, Batar manages to get Cameron on his back for a moment, but Cameron is tricky and quickly wraps his legs around Batar's neck to take control. Batar tries to use Cameron's leg scissors around his neck to pick him up. He manages to pull Cameron up off the mat and hangs him upside down, but can only hold on for a second. Cameron uses his hands to crawl between Batar's legs and knocks Batar over. Though a series of circus like moves, Cameron tricks you into thinking he's going to put Batar in a surfboard pin, but instead flips over and locks his arms around Batar's, flips him over and holds him on his back by his arms. Batar manages to get loose and grabs Cameron by the neck. He stays in control for a bit, dragging Cameron around by his neck. When he lets Cameron go Batar rushes in again and picks him up over his shoulder and carries him around. He drops him on the mat and Cameron takes a second to recover. They start back by locking hands and Batar takes control for a moment. He is able to get Cameron down on the mat and hold him there for a while. When it looks like Cameron is going to get away from him, Batar uses dirty tricks to keep him down on the mat. Batar picks Cameron up over his head, then drops him over his knee for a back breaker. After letting Cameron go, the two of them wrestle around on the mat for a bit until Batar gets Cameron in a headlock that he has to tap out of. Batar then gets Cameron in a camel clutch and holds it for a long time. Cameron says he needs to take a break to dry off and offers to dry Batar off, but instead wraps the towel around his neck to choke him. He uses the towel to drag Batar around the mat, ending up with Batar on his stomach and Cameron sitting on Batar's back. He drops the towel and grabs Batar under the chin for a camel clutch. He drops Batar on the mat, then walks off, coming back with a belt. While Batar is on all fours, Cameron straddles his back and wraps the belt around his neck. He tries to make the belt into a leash, but Batar grabs it and flips cameron over with it. Then Batar takes the belt and wraps it around Cameron's neck and uses it as a leash to make Cameron crawl around on the mat like a dog. He keeps Cameron on the leash for a bit, then takes it off and walks away, only to come back with the towel. He puts the towel through Cameron's legs and picks him up with it. When Batar drops Cameron on the mat, Cameron picks the towel up and throws it over Batar's head so he can't see, then he kicks him. Batar falls on the mat in pain. Before he can recover, Cameron grabs Batar and picks him up in a fireman's carry. He carries him around for a bit, then drops him. He quickly jumps on top of Batar and pins his arms down. After a lot of trash talk between the two of them, Cameron jumps up and starts slamming down on Batar. He picks Batar back up and puts him up against the wall and starts gut punching him. Cameron Mathews' matches are always full of surprises and this one is no exception.