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Cameron Mathews vs Pitbull - Rough & Ready 13B

Cameron Mathews vs Pitbull - Rough & Ready 13B

$ 30.00

Pitbull vs Cameron Mathews

This was Pitbull's very first match with us so he was out to make a MEAN first impression. He may be small but he is no push over, he has got a mean sadistic streak in him. From the very start of this match, Pitbull explodes into action and takes Cameron to the floor immediately. Pitbull quickly begins to dominate the mat and tosses Cameron around like a rag doll. After trying to tear Cameron in half with a crotch ripping banana split, Pitbull tries to pop his head off with a figure four head scissors. Cameron fights back and delivers two back-to-back piledrivers that collapse Pitbull into a lifeless heap. That doesn't stop Pitbull from trying to squeeze the life out of Cameron with several bearhugs. Cameron returns the favor with his own agonizing bearhug and Boston crab. Seeking quick revenge, Pitbull locks in a nasty front choke and tries to make Cameron turn blue you can see him turn blue. Visibly weakened, Cameron is thrown around while Pitbull maintains a strong full nelson. After a giving a bone-crushing body slam, Pitbull deploys his back-flip moonsault and smashes Cameron right into the mat. Watch the match for painful camel clutches, and more of Pitbull's amazing head scissors with those powerful legs. This 28 minute match is brutal to watch.