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Cameron Mathews bearhug Bam Bam arms

Angel vs Rambo - Mat Wars 28B

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

Angel vs Rambo

After a quick show of muscle flexing by the two wrestlers, the match starts with them tied up. Rambo swings Angel around to put him in a full nelson. This time Rambo drops down to grab Angel's leg, then lifts him up into a fireman's carry. He holds him there for a minute, then spins around several times with Angel draped across his shoulders. He drops him and just as Angel is getting back up on his feet, Rambo picks him up again and lifts him up over his head. He drops him on the mat, then flexes for the camera while Angel recovers. Rambo bearhugs Angel the next few minutes lifting and dropping Angel several times. After he drops him the last time, he grabs him again in a headlock and drags him around the mat by the neck. He finally lets Angel go and the dance around for a bit, then Angel dives for Rambo's leg and knocks him over. Rambo rushes toward Angel, who quickly wraps his legs around Rambo in a leg scissor. Rambo pushes forward and tries to stand up with Angel still choking him with his legs. He doesn't give Angel any time to recover and quickly picks him back up into a reverse bearhug. After letting him out of the bearhug, Rambo grabs him again and puts him in an over the knee back breaker. Again, he drops Angel just long enough to grab him and put him up against the wall and gut punches him several time. Angel comes right back and grabs Rambo's legs and picks him up onto his shoulder and carries him around. When he drops him, he rolls Rambo over onto his stomach and grabs him under the chin for a camel clutch. He shoves him back down on the mat, then grabs his arms to pull him back into a surfboard. Angel keeps control of the fight and grabs Rambo again, this time throwing Rambo through the wall! When Rambo falls to the mat, Angel grabs is arm and pushes him down onto his knee for a back breaker. He pushes Rambo off his knee, but doesn't give him any time to recover. He carries him around for a minute, then drops on the mat and quickly schoolboy pins him. Rambo breaks out of Angel's hold and pushes him back. These two go back and forth but Rambo is badly hurt, who will win? You gotta see it for yourself and find out...