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Frey Javy D surfboard stretch submission hold submit

Frey vs Javy D - Rough & Ready 61

$ 28.88
$ 31.59

"What's in a name?" The superbly-conditioned confident and experienced Frey waits to meet his new "rookie" challenger, without even knowing his name...so when the well-built JavyD arrives, the two rivals spar verbally about who's got the "name" at Thunder's Arena. Frey is a wiley veteran, who's renowned for his expertise, savvy, physique and power, while JavyD, while bringing obvious athleticism to the match, is a "nobody" by comparison. When Frey is fed up with all the banter, he unceremoniously hoists Javy onto his shoulders, and racks him, by way of introducing him to a new level of pain. After an airplane spin guaranteed to completely disorient the rookie, Frey suddenly drops him down on one of his knees, cracking Javy's ribs, then dumps him onto the mat. With a knee in Javy's lower back, the punishment begins- Frey pulls back on Javy's arms, putting painful strain on Javy's impressive delts. Frey pulls Javy to his feet, and without missing a beat, into a brutal bearhug, as Javy howls in misery. Satisfied with the pain he's inflicted, Frey tosses his opponent to the mat, and straddles him in dominance. Again, making the most of his advantage, Frey hauls Javy to his feel, but Javy surprises Frey by lifting him onto HIS shoulders, and giving Frey a taste of his own medicine! An airplane spin dizzies Frey, who's thrown to the mat, so that Javy can sit down on Frey's lower back and crank it into a camel clutch. Transitioning into a rear naked choke on Frey, Javy enjoys some sweet payback. But Frey pulls Javy's feet out from under him, and slams him to the mat. Two huge bodyslams has Javy in a lot of pain, and after lifting him up and parading Javy around like a trophy, a third crashing slam has Javy thrashing around in agony. Frey poses triumphantly over his victim, one foot planted on Javy's destroyed back, and begins to bash the damaged area. Frey drags Javy to his feet, and right into his patented ab stretch, a ruthless torture rack for the rookie. Frey bashes the intercostals with his elbow, then adding injury to insult, grabs Javy's ankle, adds to the excruciating stretch. With Javy at his mercy, Frey flexes and gloats over his suffering opponent. He thrusts Javy's head between his rock hard quads and applies a vice-like pressure. Exhibiting his skill and experience, Frey takes this into ...is it a powerbomb...no, not yet- an inverted bearhug will do for now, especially when Frey drops Javy to the hard mat with a sickening crash. Frey is unrelenting, and puts Javy into a reverse choke, over one knee, and nearly puts the newby out. But Frey's sadistic appetite isn't satisfied, as he works on Javy's ankles and knees, while controlling him in a devastating ab stretch on the mat. Javy's shoulders, back and legs are Frey's target, and all are tortured to pieces. As he nurses his aching shoulder, Frey again lifts him to his feet, but... Javy surprises the big man with a brutal bear hug. Face to face, the fighters struggle, until Frey is dropped onto his back. Javy shocks Frey with a reverse camel clutch, then lifts him to his feet and into a front face lock, really cranking on Frey's thick neck. Enough is enough for the champion, and he escapes only to clap Javy into a bearhug, then toss him to the mat. Again, Frey gets Javy over his knee in an inverted face lock, and clearly intends to break Javy's back...the pain finally is so tremendous that Javy passes out. But that's only blood in the water to the merciless Frey.... He slaps Javy back into semi-consciousness and attacks his right shoulder, putting sickening stress on his elbow, cranking it into hyper-extension. Frey knows just how much a joint can take before it shatters, and he takes Javy to the breaking point. Despite his struggling and screaming, Frey continues...he's not done yet, teaching this rookie a lesson he'll never forget. Frey goes to work on the other elbow, with Javy's arm behind his back...even when Javy taps out, Frey will not stop. He goes back to Javy's injured elbow, and in a ruthless combination of force and leverage, applies unendurable pressure on the weakened joint....even as Javy kicks and screams in agony, "I give, I give!!!" Frey drags Javy's head between his massive quads and pretzels Javy, pressuring his neck, shoulders, and even throwing in some gut punches for good measure. Frey's arsenal of torture seems endless, including a pec-tearing claw, which forces another submission out of Javy. Frey poses triumphantly over his victim...opponent, but still wants to gloat over the demolished rookie. So he challenges Javy to arm wrestling, knowing that Javy's shoulders and elbows are painfully wrecked. But Frey punishes both arms, elbows and shoulders, until he has to drag Javy to his feet, nearly pulling his shoulder out of its socket. He drives Javy to his knees, pulls him to his feet and again brutalizes his damaged shoulders. Planting a knee in Javy's back, he works the right shoulder in a half-nelson, and despite Javy's pleas and shouts of " I give up!", Frey isn't done with him yet. There's still a patented finishing maneuver...will it be a devastating pile driver that finally puts Javy out of his misery? Will his shoulders ever recover from Frey's attack? Will Javy even be able to return for another match after Frey's introduction to Thunder's Arena?