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Gunnar vs Rex - No Holds Barred 183

$ 34.75

Hold on tight as the battle between smooth or hairy gets down and dirty! A flex off has Gunnar and Rex comparing muscle arguing over whose body is better: smooth or hairy? Deciding to settle it on the mat, the wrestlers lock up in an INTENSE mercy challenge dropping each other to their knees in their viselike grips. Gunnar breaks away first wrapping his bulging bicep around Rex's throat dragging him down for a RIB-CRACKING body scissors. In pain, Rex continues his trash talk as Gunnar rolls him in a scissor/sleeper combo smothering Rex's mouth with his hand. Struggling for air, Rex is let go as the dominant Gunnar CHOPS his furry pecs harder and harder then wraps him in a face first head scissors. Gunnar flexes his rock-hard quads tighter and tighter as Rex groans in pain nearly passing out. Struggling to his feet, Rex charges in with a crushing belly to belly bearhug SHAKING Gunnar up and down as he gasps for air. Dripping with sweat, Gunnar is slammed on his back and dragged into a grueling body scissors/arm bar combo. His massive quads dug deep in Gunnar's ribs, Rex YANKS his arm nearly out of socket as Gunnar cries out begging for mercy! Rex continues his torture with a dirty trick/pec claw combo SQUEEZING deeper and deeper nearly ripping Gunnar apart! His victim laid out on his back, Rex drops to his knees straddling Gunnar's skull with his hairy quads and SMOTHERS his face with his sweat-filled trunks. Struggling to breathe, Gunnar claws Rex's furry abs then delivers a double titty twister to break free. Not giving up, Rex drags Gunnar face first in a skull-splitting head scissors. His face turning red from the intense pressure, Gunnar POUNDS Rex's abs with brutal gut punches trying to escape but crumbles to the mat nearly passing out. Struggling to his feet, Gunnar delivers a surprise dirty trick and lifts Rex in a massive fireman's carry shaking him across his boulder shoulders then slams him down. Ready for payback, Gunnar locks in a BACK-BREAKING Boston crab as Rex groans in agony dragged to his feet by his hair. The action gets even HOTTER as both wrestlers pin each other to the wall delivering dirty tricks, gut punches, pec claws, blows to the chest, and worship each other's beefy muscle! A front facing head scissor, brutal Boston crab, and crushing belly to belly bearhug end in a BREATH-TAKING finish, "I got this big boy all to myself!"