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Jacob Van Acker v Bull - Rough & Ready 132

$ 32.95

Big vs little fans, prepare to witness a 165lbs rookie try and take on a 265lbs muscle monster! "This is perfection! Go ahead, take a look, admire!" orders Bull flexing and pec bouncing his gorilla size chest. "Perfection? It jiggles! Trust me I can take all of it!" mocks Jacob Van Acker flopping the beast's beefy pecs. The muscle giant laughs at the cocky newbie flexing his bulging bicep, "Bro, that's bigger than your face; that's an eclipse!" Jacob continues prodding his thick frame, "That's fat patches. I can go to the doctor and get that too!" Bull snaps and LAUNCHES the rookie across the mat. This match is on! Van Acker gets up and tries lifting the behemoth's tree trunk leg, but he doesn't budge! "Wanna try that again?" He tries again and again exhausting himself and is SLAMMED face first to the mat pinned down by Bull's meathook size hands. "You're not that strong big guy!" moans the newbie struggling to breathe. "You're seriously annoying!" Back on their feet, Jacob jumps on the beast's thick back trying for a sleeper but is easily flipped to the mat. "You know I was just playing right?" pleads the newbie as the behemoth drags him up for a GUILLOTINE CHOKE then devastating chokelift! "How's that feel?" Deep gasps for air expel from the lightweight as he struggles to stay conscious and collapses. Bull flexes in victory as Van Acker recovers trying again for a takedown but is trapped in a CRIPPLING camel clutch! "Stop! I'm sorry; it hurts!" screams the rookie; his back seconds away from breaking. "You know I really don't believe you!" The behemoth's drives the rookie's face into the mat and CRUSHES his back with his foot! Jacob stumbles to his feet then charges in squeezing the muscle beast as hard as he can in a rear bearhug, but it has no effect on his rock-hard abs. Bull grabs the newbie's throat CHOKING him with one hand as Van Acker feverishly tries escaping with a barrage of gut punches only making him angrier, "You're like a big fly!" Another massive chokelift sends the rookie plummeting back down to the mat. The brutal battle continues as a one minute mercy challenge has Bull's powerful pythons WRENCHING the newbie's arms nearly out of socket! In desperation, Jacob tries headbutting his thick beefy chest, but he feels nothing forcing him down into a rib-shattering body scissors! "Tap!" Van Acker groans in pain and tries gut punching to escape, "You're not that big!" The behemoth sees red, grabs the newbie by the hair, and RAMS his head over and over into the mat; the deafening sound impossible to ignore! Somehow, Jacob recovers and jumps on the muscle giant's thick back, "You're gonna go to sleep big guy!" Bull easily squats the lightweight and tosses him down laying on top of him. "That 100lbs means a lot! You're crushing my chest!" screams the rookie barely able to stand afterwards. Out of nowhere, Van Acker delivers a brutal kick to the ribs temporarily stunning the giant and lifts the 265 pounder in a massive fireman's carry SLAMMING him down! Bull is in agony as the newbie mounts his abs delivering brutal forearm blows to his beefy chest and locks in a tight arm bar. The behemoth struggles but breaks free launching the rookie across the mat and gets up clutching his aching arm. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE: a powerful full nelson, chokelift, fireman's carry, brutal Boston crab, an overhead press! A second mercy challenge has Van Acker barely able to use his arms as Bull soon lifts the lightweight in a horrific belly to belly bearhug! Blood curdling screams fill the arena as the mountain of muscle SQUEEZES tighter and tighter; Jacob's bones are ready to snap under the intense pressure! "You done yet? All you do is talk! I'm gonna shut you up!"