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Joey Meatball Sebastian boston crab pecs chest arms

Joey Meatball vs Sebastien - Battlespace 14B

$ 30.00

Match 2 Joey Meatball vs Sebastian

This match has a lot of cool things going on it it you will love. This whole fight starts with Joey Meatball and Sebastian sitting around talking which is better, to have thick muscles (like Joey) or have lean muscles (like Sebastian). Well I won't give anything away but I'm telling you Sebastian really started this all out war by shooting Joey Meatball with plastic BBs from a toy guy he got at Wal Mart! You'll see a lot of bearhugs, body scissors, and even a few dirty tricks like gut punching a man on the mat as you sit on him, plus a few hits below the belt. Sebastian brings in another weapon, besides the gun, and loses control of it and gets choked with it. He then starts working him over in a full nelson and body scissors at same time, great hold to show off Joey Meatball's abs. This all out brawl lead Joey to show no mercy by slapping his signature Boston Crab on Sebastian on so tight he was nearly in tears trying to fight out of it. Plus Joey traps Sebastian later in the match in a brutal over the shoulder neck breaker we haven't seen here. Then more humiliation with a head scissors that shows how brutal Joey Meatballs can get but he always takes time to flex, pose, and showboat to the camera while Sebastian lays dead on the mat, not smart he's just going to get his second wind and attack Joey again. Still Joey has trained hard and wants to show off his amazing new cuts and definition to the camera, his muscles really pop on screen in this match. A great match you don't want to miss, besides don't you want to find out what they did with the gun? You won't be disappointed...