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johnny bravo joey meatball lift and carry double choke lift chokehold big vs little submission

Johnny Bravo vs Joey Meatball - Bodybuilder Battle 67

$ 31.25

Joey Meatball starts this match off showing off for the camera and toying with johnny Bravo. Johnny laughs the insults off and keeps going in for a lock up. Joey brushes it all off till johnny gets mad and wraps his massive 22" arms around Joey and quickly reminds Joey that he's the one that will be dominating the match. Even while Johnny is crushing him with all 275 lb. Joey still keeps his cool and tells johnny he's nothing. Johnny doesn't like this and gets a little cocky. He slips up and Joey takes him down hard to the mat. Joey puts Bravo in holds to make him yell in pain. Joey lets him up and makes a huge mistake. Johnny now furious brings the pain. Johnny has fun humiliating Joey for a bit. Joey stops laughing now and gets to business if he wants to be the first to take down the unstoppable "JB power" He slams Johnny so hard on the mat I would have to give him The move of the year hands down even this early into 09'. After being the first to smash jb's face into the mat johnny makes this small victory a short one as well. He begins an extremely painful sequence of moves yanking joeys arms behind him and treating him like a rag doll. The rest of the match is full of great rib crushing bear hugs, some extremely tight Full nelsons, Boston Crabs, flexing and as always JB delivers with the Domination. Will Joey make a comeback after his powerful opening? Get this match today so you can see this action packed bone crushing brawl. Watch this match you won't be disappointed.