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Marco Bear beard arms tattoos

Marco vs Bear - No Holds Barred 67

$ 30.00

The video opens with Marco relaxing and lounging on the mat when Bear enters and, oh boy, Bear is feelin’ frisky!  Bear twerks for Marco, before diving in to check out Marco’s rock hard body and his world famous glutes.  If this is a mind game, then it’s working because Marco was NOT expecting this!  Bear pulls Marco’s face into his pecs, “Woah, I think we’d better stick to wrestling!”  Bear goes to apply his patented Bear Claw, but Marco sees it coming and reverses – suddenly finds his own claw clamped on his own manhood!  Marco seals the deal by lifting Bear off the ground, crushing his balls with his own weight!  Gravity can be such a b**ch!  As Bear is recovering, Marco goes in for a Full Nelson, but Bear is to powerful and flexes out, elbowing Marco in the midsection!  Bear pins Marco against the wall, his arms above his head, exposing his hard-earned abs!  “You got nice abs, don’t you” says Bear as he drills fists and forearms into poor Marco’s six pack.  Marco doubles over in pain, but Bear is in no mood now to let Marco recover – he wraps Marco’s arm around his own neck in a stranglehold and claws Marco’s crotch, lifting him up and slamming him down abs-first over his knee in a classic Gutbuster!  Bear is fixated on Marco’s magnificent ass (and who can blame him?!), a distraction which proves costly as the bodybuilder escapes.  Marco mounts Bears chest, his glutes now firmly in Bears face, and pounds his fist into Bear’s abs!  Marco stacks Bear for the pin!

The two men lock up and Bear gets Marco in a front chancery, before lifting him up into an upside-down bear hug!  Bear drops Marco to the mat and mounts his chest, teasing Marco before applying a DOUBLE CROTCH CLAW!!  Marco is writhing in agony!  Sensing he’s not going to get a submission, Bear relents and stands up.  The two lock up again, this time Marco clamps a tight bear hug on Bear!  Lifted off the ground, Bear can only scream as his ribs are crushed inwards before Marco scoops him up and stacks him on his shoulders.  He’s not going for a pin this time though, oh no – this time Marco has a claw of his own, teasingly hovering around Bear’s trunks! Bear knows what’s coming and he’s not mistaken – Marco’s claw rips into Bear with a vengeance!  Bear’s ‘other’ line of work may be in jeopardy after this! Marco drags Bear to the center of the mat and applies his signature face pin, before lying back and converting it to a picture-perfect figure-four head scissor!  Bear manages to escape by lifting Marco up and power bombing him to the mat!  ROUGH!

Nasty wedgies, ball grabs, face claws, this match is chock full of dirty moves!  This ain’t wrestling, this is rasslin’!  Marco snaps and goes after the injured knee of Bear!  A game of mercy has Bear seriously distracted by Marco’s straining muscles!  This match goes right down to the wire, to one of the most vicious, nasty, malicious and potentially career-ending finishing moves we’ve ever seen at Thunders Arena!  Get this match today to find out for yourself what happened!