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Marco Fit tattoos lift thighs

Marco vs Fit - Give Away

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Marco’s in a terrible mood today, he was woken up by Mr Mike to come in and wrestle when he was not prepared for it. He’s meeting some new guy called Fit, but Marco isn’t impressed and is wondering why he’s called Fit, he looks rather small compared to Marco. They start trash talking and showing off and flexing for each other. Marco doesn’t see any competition, he just wants to kick Fit’s ass and go back to bed. Fit’s ready for the challenge and they start off in a strength contest, Fit drops to a knee and tries to take Marco down but he can’t, and Marco just sits there and watches as Fit struggles to put him into a move. Marco’s at least twice as big as Fit and he’s just laying on the mat, highly amused as Fit is struggling to put him into any sort of position or hold. Marco’s complaining, asking if he’s going to finish any of his moves or just roll around with him all day. He tries to take a nap but Fit’s too feisty for that. They get up and start struggling, when Fit slams Marco into the wall, and the struggle and actually knock the hanging off of the wall! Marco’s over it now, and starts putting Fit into a headlock, crushing the air out of him. He’s annoyed that Fit ruined the room, complaining that he’s going to be the one to have to clean it all up now. He picks Fit up and starts crushing him in a bear hug, before dropping him down and picking him back up to flip him backwards onto the mat. He mounts Fit and starts flexing and showing off in his face. Fit’s exhausted from struggling for so long against Marco, and Marco’s just getting started! He pulls Fit back into a body scissors to show off his leg and show fit how easily he can crush him with just his legs. Fit starts to struggle against it but Marco just yanks him back and starts to stretch out his abs. Fit is tried, but he never stops struggling to get a hold over Marco. Marco’s a champion though and he’s just biding his time until Fit’s too tired and Marco can easily have his way with him. What all does Marco have in store for Fit once he’s ready to dominate?