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Leo bulldog wrestling leglock leg submission hold submit

Leo vs Bulldog - Mat Rats 28

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Bulldog showed up ready to take on one of Thunder's new guys the 6'4 and 265 pound man Leo. Before the match begins, Leo shows off his incredible body to Bulldog and to the audience. Showing off his abs, triceps and biceps while comparing them to Bulldog/s own, Leo even say "that's cute" because of how much smaller Bulldog is to Leo. Bulldog Challenges Leo ti see if he can do some pushups. Leo then gets down and does a few pushups and has Bulldog sit on his back showing him that he can even do pushups with Bulldogs weight. It's then Bulldogs turn to do some pushups, Leo sets one leg on the back of Bulldog as he goes into some pushups but then struggles when Leo puts all of his weight on the back of Bulldog. The mass of Leo's arm is just about the size of Bulldog's head as Leo flex's his arm in front of Bulldog while sitting on his back. For most of the match these guys are challenging each other seeing who can do pushups and squats, Leo even lets Bulldog get him into some headlocks and bearhugs.