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Vince lex sharpshooter Boston crab submission hold submit

Lex vs Vince - Mat Rats 33

$ 30.00

Vince was an Indie Pro wrestler from PA, and now is here for his debut at Thunders Arena, taking on Lex as his first opponent. "Flexy Lexy," what Vince calls out to Lex just before they go head to head. Both wrestlers are skilled in what they do and they really bring it! With the flexibility in Lex and the speed in Vince. Both men bring the power and pain. Vince coming in to show the veteran wrestler what he's all about and that he's not some rookie to be stepped on in his first match. Vince definitely likes to take his opponent and lock their arms up and take them into a headlock. Lexie bounces back with a serious bear hug on Vince, squeezing the energy right out of him.