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STL vs Jackson, Scooter and Angel - Mat Wars 22A

STL vs Jackson, Scooter and Angel - Mat Wars 22A

$ 31.25

STL vs Jackson and Scooter and Angel

STL is doing push ups by the pool when Jackson comes up and starts teasing him and challenges him to wrestle. They lock up and STL quickly throws Jackson down on the mat. STL picks Jackson up in a bearhug. After they wrestle around for a bit, STL puts Jackson in a camel clutch. After Jackson trash talks fow a while, STL puts him in a full nelson that leads into a reverse bearhug. Keeping Jackson in a full nelson the whole time, STL finally puts him down on the mat and gives him a few quick punches to the chest. After more trash talk from Jackson, STL picks him up in a reverse bearhug again, then pins him down on the mat. Jackson never stops trash talking the whole time. STL lets Jackson give him several (lame) gut punches. Jackson tells STL he can have a free punch too, so STL punches him once in the gut and knocks Jackson to the ground. While Jackson is still writhing on the ground, STL picks his legs up into a boston crab. Jackson decides he needs help and goes to get his friends. He comes back with Scooter. Jackson and Scooter start dancing around STL, who quickly punches Scooter tghen Jackson, knocking them both down on the ground. After Scooter gets back up, STL picks him up in a bearhug. The two smaller guys keep getting knocked down by STL, and getting back up only to get knocked down again. While STL has Jackson in a bearhug, Scooter comes up behind STL and bearhugs him from the back. Jackson and Scooter get free long enough to get STL down on the mat and put him in a peculiar back to back boston crab. STL breaks out of the hold and grabs Jackson, pinning his shoulders to the mat for a three count. He then goes over to Scooter and quickly pins him down as well. STL grabs Jackson and throws him on top of Scooter, head to foot. He grabs Jackson legs, pulling them up, which turns into another strange boston crab for Scooter. Jackson runs off to get Angel. When Angel comes out to see what's going on, he grabs STL in a bearhug, then throws him on the ground. Jackson and Scooter don't waste any time piling on top of STL. Angel jumps on top of the pile. STL manages to break free from the three wrestlers, but Jackson and Scooter quickly grab an arm and a leg each and play tug of war with STL. This goes on for a while, then they let go of STL just in time for Angel to come up from behind and put STL in a headlock. STL and Angel wrestle around for a bit, trading bearhugs, then STL gets Angel up against the post and gives him several good gut punches. Scooter comes to Angel's rescue, only to be put up against the post himself for several more gut punches from STL. Jackson jumps on STL's back to stop him from punching his friend, but STL just throws him up against the post and starts punching him. STL picks the little guy up, carries him around for a bit, then throws him onto Scooter and angel so they all wind up in a big pile on the mat. You won't believe your eyes what happens next after STL flexes...