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Batar Kasper bearhug arms

Batar vs Kasper - No Holds Barred 20

$ 30.00

You could see the sparks fly from the moment we started filming. These two really were into making the other guy pay from the second we started. Kasper and Batar had been buddies but Kasper is very critical of Batar's body and keeps putting him down, well Batar has finally had enough and challenges him to some wrestling. This is a brutal match where Batar puts Kasper through his paces in all kinds of crazy head scissors, body scissors, and school boy pins with lots of extra humiliation on top. Batar busts out the dirty tricks early in the match and doesn't let up. Yet Kasper is not push over, he picks Batar up for a piledrivers that turns into a inverted head scissors you will want to see to believe. This match is going to go down as one of the best we have ever filmed. You don't want to miss out.