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Bulldog PeeWee headlock arms biceps

Bulldog vs PeeWee - No Holds Barred 21

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PeeWee shows up late for his match with Bulldog, thicker and more jacked than ever and raring to wrestle. But Bulldog informs him that his probationary period is over, and its time for PeeWee to show Mr Mike and the fans he can do more than roll over on his back and spread his legs wide, no matter how much fun that has been for him in the past. Either PeeWee demonstrates his wrestling chops in this match or this may be his final gig ever at Thunders Arena! Bulldog has his own problems to deal with: in desperate need of cash hes back at the Arena after a long hiatus, determined to prove he still has what it takes to be a wrestling star. On top of that, hes still bristling over Dominics defection from their tag team for a highly touted singles career. While Bulldog performs his warm-up regimen, PeeWee stands way too close, his hot breath brushing against Bulldogs shoulder, and PeeWee doesn't seem to realize that the two of them are not there to bond with each other. As if the recruits boundary issues were not enough, once the match begins PeeWee seems to enjoy every ounce of Bulldogs pounding of him, a fact Bulldog finds unsettling, not least because of the challenge of trying to submit him. The firemans carry, the armlock, the choke, the inside cradle, the reverse inverted bearhug, the full nelson bodyscissors combination, even low blows in PeeWees excitable mind all these are E-ticket rides at the Arena!