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O'Shea vs Dennis - Mat Rats 20B

O'Shea vs Dennis - Mat Rats 20B

$ 30.00

Dennis vs O'Shea

This rookie recruit Dennis the Menace will not quit. He keeps on stepping up to every challenge but O'Shea just dominated him. O'Shea just like to really tear into people with unique wrestling holds that you just never see. He used several new holds in this match I do not even know the names of them but Dennis sure screamed out "uncle" more than a few times. You'll still see your classic holds like full nelsons, bearhugs, and new ones like the inverted figure 4 leg lock that turns into a Boston crab. Dennis tapped out on this one hold where O'Shea is back arched over the top of him and choking Dennis at the same time amazing to watch. There even is an UPSIDE DOWN REVERSE BEARHUG in this match which I've never seen any other place. I thought for sure O'Shea was going to snap Dennis's back with how far he cranked him down in the over the knee back breaker. Then the series of chokes and punches that finally lead up to a true pro wrestling classic move the over the shoulder RACK which made him look just like Lex Lugar back in the day. Dennis is quickly becoming the ultimate Thunder Arena jobber boy, that all the wrestlers just abuse.