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Devin vs Romeo - Rough & Ready 01A

Devin vs Romeo - Rough & Ready 01A

$ 31.59

Devin vs Romeo

Wow, what a surprise to find Romeo. He's new to Florida and definitely full of himself from NY. He definitely thinks he's God's gift to women and loves to show off. He challenged Devin for his first match and personally I think that was a BIG mistake. Devin wasted no time in attacking Romeo with chops and locks, until out of no where this new guy whips out some dirty tricks, with a low blow! Devin goes down stunned, by he's not out! Devin goes on the attack and puts Romeo trapped in Devin's strong bearhugs series, one right after the other, being thrown around like a rag doll. Devin determined to get revenge for the cheap shots, decides to do some boxing with Romeo to punish him. Romeo is definitely a lover and not a fighter and finds himself punched down and crying out for mercy in a camel clutch. Devin continues the destruction as he turns Romeo into his new jobber. Romeo doesn't take it for long, he's a cheap shot artist and he really let it fly in this match. This is one battle you just don't want to miss.