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Bulldog Luger flex pose chest pecs abs thighs arms muscle worship

Bulldog vs Luger - Rough & Ready 23

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Holy moly! Luger is huge! The man has thighs as thick as his chest, if that's even possible! And hes awfully confident that he can bulldoze through whatever competition Thunders Arena presents him with. Bulldog is not having any of it. He mocks Lugers stiff gait and swagger, swole chest thrust out for all the world to admire. The new man finds Bulldogs contempt merely amusing, suggesting that the burly, dark-haired wrestler might want to change his name to Chihuahua. Ouch! Luger doesn't blink when Bulldog retorts that the giants six pack is more like a keg. Maybe you should stick with being a comedian, Luger muses, totally undaunted. The war of words escalates as the two pose off, the tension thickening the air between them. Quite obviously, these guys dont like each other, and they're ready to settle their differences on the mat. They bump chests and lock up. Bulldog swerves behind the burly blond and surprises him with a reverse bearhug. Luger thrusts free and shows the wisecracker what a crushing hug ought to feel like. (Hint: Like you just lost the lower half of your body!) Bulldog challenges Luger to a game of Mercy, a test of strength in which each player tries to twist his opponents wrists back and make him scream for mercy. Soon the two he-men are stretching each others hamstrings, heaving each other on their shoulders, slamming each other to the mat, squeezing, stretching, spinning, and all but snapping each others head off, climaxing with an agonizing torture rack that decides the contest.