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Cratos vs Archer - Rough & Ready 24

$ 25.00
$ 31.25

Archer and Cratos make their Thunders Arena debuts in this classic best-two-out-of-three fight that showcases just what these two men are bringing to the Arena roster. For one thing, Cratos is packing fifty

pounds of extra muscle that Archer is going to have to factor into his wrestling strategy. Both men are ruggedly handsome and well built, and with cover-boy looks like theirs, the obvious question is Can they wrestle? One thing is dead certain: They are both ready to fight and cant think of anyone they would rather notch up as their first conquest than their opponent here. After stretching and loosening their gym-packed muscle, Cratos and Archer shake hands like sporting gentlemen and get down to business at poolside, the Florida sun setting as the battle wears on. After a few showy macho feints by both, its Archer who makes the first move to lock up, but in a flash Cratos hikes him up on his broad shoulders. Archer squirms and kicks, refusing to be taken this easily, so Cratos drops down on top of him on the mat. Cratos weight advantage comes in handy here, but Archers not playing. The two roll, locked in a heaving struggle, Cratos on top, then Archer on top, neither willing to sacrifice this chance to impress the fans just to make it easy for the other man to look good. Archer is one cool customer, his facial expression impenetrable as time and again he successfully resists Cratos attempts to subdue him. After an immense struggle, Archer succeeds in trapping the bigger man in a chokehold, patiently draining the grunting he-mans power. This is clean and sensuous folkstyle wrestling, with plenty of classic mat work, raw displays of power, and on-the-spot strategizing. Fans of chokes, scissorholds, armbars, camel clutches, body slams, Boston crabs, and bearhugs, rejoice! The new dudes are bringing it all to Thunders Arena!