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Sebastien vs Lex (Red)

This is a CLASSIC old style pro match. The story is as old as time. Sebastien had dropped by with his girlfriend to show her how we film matches. Red was here trying to talk me into booking him for the next match. Red was totally blown away by Sebastien's girlfriend and couldn't keep from staring at her. This of course made Sebastien jealous and mad so he challenges him to a wrestling match to teach Red a lesson. "Nobody lays a hand on my woman!" yells out Sebastien and the battle is on. Red is a trained pro wrestler while Sebastien is just a college wrestler so this ends up as one strange battle with a lot of interesting moves and situations. Sebastien uses his famous bearhugs to get the upper hand but Red has his high flying tricks and power moves. Will Sebastien get to keep his girl? or will Red steal her away from him? You gotta see how this one turns out.