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Slash vs Big Sexy - Bodybuilder Battle 12

$ 31.25

Introducing Slash, a new wrestler to our roster, with a lot of experience. Big Sexy has been begging me to put him against someone who has real wrestling experience, so I searched the web and found Slash who wrestled in college and high school. This turns out to be a pretty awesome match to watch. It got so heated between these two, even Johnny Bravo was watching in the door of the wrestling room. Youre going to see a ton of great mat work and use of leg scissors, body scissors and even a few very embarrassing head scissors that lead to an old school boy pin that Big Sexy was really upset about. I gotta say Big Sexy and can really back up his talk with actions but Slash is no lame duck he got in his licks as well with some mean bearhugs, powerful choke lifts, crotch lifts and a banana split move on the mat that made Big Sexy walk funny for a bit as he tries to recover. There is a lot of back and forth action with full nelsons, more bearhugs and a spladle or two with both men really knowing how to wrap there

legs around someone to get the submission it is a real battle on the mat to the end!