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Video Vault- Executive Subscription

Video Vault- Executive Subscription

$ 33.00

New Vault Match - Stevie vs Tanner - Vegas after Dark

NEW MATCH: Vegas Gone Dark!

Tanner vs Stevie

Stevie pins Tanner down with a schoolboy pin! Tanner struggles to free himself from underneath Stevie's full weight. Both wrestlers tumble around as sweat pours and muscles pump up! Stevie fights dirty trying to humiliate the rookie Tanner doing pushups while forcing his balls on Tanner's face! Tanner refuses to be Stevie's bitch and throws him across the mat. Wrestling and foreplay collide with a ball claw turning into a torture rack turning into schoolboy pins. 

As the match continues, both wrestlers flex their pumped up muscles when Tanner suddenly lifts Stevie off the ground in a chest to chest bearhug squeezing the air out of Stevie's lungs!

Join the Vault to find out what happens next! You do not want to miss this EPIC ENDING! 

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