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Tony Lewk arm lock pecs chest legs thighs

Tony vs Lewk - 2011 Auditions Video SeriesB

$ 30.00

Tony vs Lewk

Wanna wrestle at Thunders Arena? The 2011 auditions are underway, where new wrestlers strut their stuff. This week Tonys job is to interview the recruits, find out what theyre made of, and send the wusses and hopeless wannabes packing. Tony asks Lewk, a young blood what brings him to Thunders. Im ready to take on the world, one at a time, Lewk replies. Tonys impressed with Lewks attitude and martial arts background, but hes concerned about Lewks youth, size, and relative lack of muscular development. Solid but not grandiose, Lewk insists hes got the power, agility, and endurance, not to mention the craziness, to hang with the big guys, bruisers like Dallas, Big Sexy, and Z-Man, tigers on the mats and cripplers of the weak. Talk is talk. The real issue is what can Lewk bring to the mat against Tony, whos built like a massive bodybuilder. Its a sign of his confidence that Lewk shows up for the bout in Man of Steel trunks. Scared? Tony asks. Never, Lewk replies, not skipping a beat. Locking up with the recruit, Tony tells him, I'm gonna just toss you around and see exactly how weak you are. Lewk surprises him by taking him down and locking up his arms and legs. Is this a fluke? Lewk does it again, smashing Tonys face to the mat and then flipping him over and doing a "Saturday Night Ride" ouch. Pumped up by a solid start, Lewk bounces to his feet, itching for more. Lewk brings speed, flexibility, and energy to this fight. Its almost as if the kid can fly! He snatches the brawny veteran up in a small package, releases him, and then gets Tony cradled up again! But savvy brawler that he is, Tony lets the youngster wear himself out with his fancy footwork only to charge in like a ram and smash Lewk to the mat, his massive arms constricting to cut off the recruits air supply. This would be a reality check and game ender for most new guys, but Lewk toughs it out, wriggles loose, and reverses, pinning Tonys shoulders to the mat! Tony is impressed but hes got four or five things yet to teach the cocky recruitsuch as Never turn your back on an opponent. Fans of freestyle wrestling are going to love Lewk, and this classic battle of wits versus brawn and raw nerve versus experience will surprise and astound you. Dont be too certain you can predict how this match will turn out. The only predictable thing here is that fans are going to want more of Lewk, whose future at Thunders Arena is already looking golden. Bring it!