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Vinny vs Dom9 - Bodybuilder Battle 140

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Big vs Little Match!

"I don't remember guys' a**es I kicked! Their names, it's not important!" declares Vinny towering over his smaller opponent. "You're gonna remember my name; it's Dom9! Get it in your thick skull! I love when big guys come in here. What happens is, you show up and end up on the mat, every time!" The muscle hunks tie up as Dom9 strikes first wrangling the big man into a VISELIKE headlock, "There you go, right down on my level!" Vinny groans in pain; his face crushed against his captor's beefy pec as he's taken down to the mat, "Don't worry; I'll get you!" A three minute power struggle ensues as Dom9 drags his helpless victim back up to his feet. In desperation, the muscle giant lifts the 190 pounder in a side bearhug trying to break free, but the headlock is on tight! "You ain't going nowhere!" The intense pressure builds as Vinny picks the beast up again and again finally escaping when Dom9 flexes his other bicep for the camera. Pissed off, the behemoth retaliates with an ARM-BREAKING hammerlock wrenching his arm nearly out of socket, "How you like that midget? Snap your arm off!" "You're so big!" moans Dom9 as he's launched face first to the mat and trapped in a powerful sleeper. On his knees, the muscle beast leans over FLIPPING Vinny onto his back knocking the wind out of him! It's payback time as Dom9 hammerlocks the giant's arm and wraps his bulging bicep around his throat. The 225lbs behemoth gasps for air as the dominant stud rolls him over in a vicious scissor/sleeper combo, "That's ok I'm flexible!" "You can't flex if you can't breathe!" taunts Dom9 as he locks his tree trunk quads around the vet in a SKULL-CRUSHING leg sleeper. "Big man on his back, go to sleep!" The blood rushes from Vinny's head as the beast slaps his beefy quads flexing them tighter and tighter! His hulking frame begins to pass out before he is let go for more torture. "Like I said, every time! I look big now?" Dom9 flexes over his fallen victim when a surprise gut punch sends him crumbling to the mat. "You look big now pretty boy!" mocks Vinny as he drags the muscle beast up for a devastating CLOTHESLINE nearly taking off his head! Temporarily dazed, the bodybuilder's beefy frame is laid across the giant's legs in a crippling back breaker! "How's that stretch feel?" "Not bad!" Dom9 tries punching his way out but can't connect as he's thrown across the mat. A fire begins to ignite inside the underdog as he UNLEASHES a world of hurt on big Vinny: double fists to the abs and back, grueling leg lock, sleeper, brutal Boston crab, and vicious stomps to the abs! "Had enough?" The arrogant behemoth can barely move still cracking jokes refusing to quit, "Feels pretty good; give me more!" Dom9 is happy to obey forcing the muscle giant to his feet in a powerful full nelson then delivers a brutal over-the-knee back breaker while POUNDING his thick abs! "Hurts a little bit!" Vinny is in agony as his massive frame collapses to the mat struggling for oxygen. Once recovered, the tower of power peels himself up and gut punches Dom9 hoisting him up in a TORNADO FIREMAN'S CARRY before slamming him down! "I'll show you a full nelson!" The muscle beast screams in pain as Vinny wraps him up in a super-tight full nelson using his gargantuan legs, "You ain't saying nothing? You can't mess with me!" Dom9's beefy muscles are stretched to their limits, but he manages to break free delivering a dirty elbow to the groin! Writhing in agony, the behemoth is drug to the center of the mat where Dom9 tries BREAKING him apart with sharp knees to the ribs and vicious bow & arrow! "I'm deciding this match; this is mine!" A darkness comes over the dominant beast as he wraps his quads of steel around Vinny in a leg sleeper and YANKS back on his arms! Prone out, the muscle giant struggles to stay conscious as Dom9 squeezes tighter and tighter then opens and closes his beefy legs SNAPPING them around Vinny's skull like a human bear trap! You think it's all over, but a final sinister surprise is still to come!