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Conan vs Frank the Tank vs Johnny Bravo - Water Wars 02

Conan vs Frank the Tank vs Johnny Bravo - Water Wars 02

$ 31.59

Water Wars 2 is back and BIGGER than ever! Now we have 3 of the largest bodybuilders in the world battling it out to see who will be the best. Johnny Bravo and Conan were talking by the pool when Conan insults Johnny it sets things in motion. Johnny starts throwing Conan and Frank into the pool and then dives in himself to show them who is boss.
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A 775 Pound Water War!
This match will go down in Thunder's history as the MOST MUSCLE ever delivered in a match up! Johnny Bravo at 275lbs, Conan at 250lbs, Frank the Tank at 250lbs, SO MUCH MUSCLE, they have to battle outside!
"Here in sunny Florida. You got this Australian guy coming not only in my country, but MY state!" says Bravo. "Are you a pro-bodybuilder? I don't think you should be wrestling or bodybuilding. You should be mowing the lawns!" says Conan. "No one comes in my house and insults me. Who do you think you are Australia?" Bravo PUSHES Conan on the mat in the pool. "Where's this Frank the Tank? Bring his ass here right now!" COMMANDS Bravo. Frank walks out, "What's your problem now bro? You wanna mess with a fuckin real man?" JB BEARHUGS Frank and THROWS him on the mat. This war is on!
Frank the Tank and JB lock up. Frank BEARHUGS Bravo and throws him in the water. "There you go. One up on Frank the Tank!" Conan jumps up but is easily thrown off. "Whose next?" JB jumps on the mat but is pushed off. "Three up!" Conan and the Tank lock up, and Conan gets the takedown. "Aussie power!" JB jumps on the mat, "Alright Australia!" "Show me what you got big John!" Both muscle giants wrestle and fall in the water. 
Frank flexes his boulder biceps. "Australia for 1 point. Three points here. This is a real man!" Frank RIPS his shirt and PEC BOUNCES his beefy pecs. "Johnny Bravo may be big, but he's not sexy!" Bravo laughs, "You're three up because I let you. Get your punk ass up here!" Frank climbs up on the mat. Both lock up but go down in the water. 
Conan and JB face off on the mat and fall in the pool. "Show em whose boss mate!" Conan says to Frank. Frank and JB tie up, and Frank THROWS him in the water, "Is that 4-1?" Bravo calls out Conan, "Come on Australia, Thunder from Down Under!" Conan HEADLOCKS JB. Bravo locks in a RIB-CRUSHING body scissor. Both behemoths fall in the water.
Conan RIPS his shirt off. "I've had enough of this guy Frank! I think we should teach him a lesson!" Conan and Frank rip Bravo's shirt. "It takes two muscle heads to rip a Haynes t-shirt. What does that say about these guys?" asks Bravo. "Let's tag team his ass!" says Frank. Conan headlocks JB while frank GUT PUNCHES his ripped abs! 
Frank climbs on his back while Conan CLUBS the muscle beast. Bravo THROWS Frank over his shoulder into the water. Conan LIFTS JB on one shoulder taking him down. The 275 pound King of Thunder's picks up Conan and Frank in a MASSIVE DOUBLE BEARHUG!
Clubs, slugs, body chops, these muscle giants know how to bring it. "Enough playing around!" Bravo JUMPS off the mat and CLUBS the Tank. Frank BEARHUGS Bravo throwing him on the mat. JB slides off and BEARHUGS Conan throwing him on the mat. They try a 2 on 1 on the mat, but the mat can't hold up their 775 POUNDS! All 3 muscle monsters fall in the water. 
Bravo BEARHUGS Frank THROWING him on the mat. Conan HEADLOCKS the Tank, but is taken down. Frank grabs the mat and repeatedly RAMS it into JB's ribs! The Tank CLUBS Bravo's thick back repeatedly then BEARHUG THROWS him on the mat. 
Conan and Bravo lock up on the mat. Trap squeezes, headlocks, vicious clubs! Conan flexes, "One day you'll look like this mate!" Bravo laughs flexing his BOULDER biceps, "One day you'll be as cool as me, NOT!" 
Frank flexes, "They might be bulky, blocky muscle, but they ain't sexy and huge like this!" Bravo flexes his thick forearm, "My vein is bigger than your arm." Frank flexes his sexy muscles, "Mr. pro-bodybuilder, Mr. Johnny Bravo. Whose been on the cover of 19 romance novels!" The King of Thunders laughs, "NINETEEN, we don't wanna be on those covers!"
The battle continues, tie ups, headlocks, bearhugs, maybe a sleeper? Will Mr. Romance Novel, Frank the Tank, add 2 victims to one of his books? Will Mr. Australia, Conan, beat the Americans? Will the King of Thunders, Johnny Bravo, keep his throne? You won't want this Water War to end!