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Zman vs Draco & Iceman vs Chaz - Mat Wars 16A

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Match 1 Zman vs Draco

The cold war is back! Russia vs USA or in this case Draco the russian wrestler vs Zman the all American hero! This Russian has domination that will not quit. He takes great pride in slowly getting his opponents to submit over and over. He has an unusual wrestling style that is very cool to watch. He likes to inflict pain and technique that makes him look like he is toying with his victim. This is a big vs little match in that Zman is giving up 45 lbs in this match, plus Draco stands 7 inches taller! Draco uses those long legs to put Zman in a lot of different holds like over the knee backbreaker, some bearhugs, and a shoulder claw that really puts Zman in a world of hurt. There is a lot of mat action with them trying to get postion on top of each other for the pin or set up to the next submission move. Draco talks a good talk in this match but really backs it up with great wrestling moves and slams that will really show you that Russian's are all about demanding respect and awesome power! Zman really needs to put this guy in his place but is he man enough to do it? Find out get this match!

Match 2 Iceman vs Chaz

Iceman and Chaz were taking a break during a filming day and playing the new Nintendo Wii game system we got for the guys. Well come to find out that Chaz is really good at it and was kicking the crap out of Iceman on the video game. This really didn't set well with our superstar and his temper finally gets the best of him and challenges Chaz to a real wrestling match back in the garage. The two go at it and boy we were glad we could get it on film for you. Iceman just dominates the crap out of Chaz with his massive thighs doing scissor hold after scissor hold. Then he works him over with his 18 inch arms in bearhugs and full nelsons. This of course leads to more holds like body scissor and full nelson being cranked on Chaz so he gets more punishment. One thing you learn fast is not to piss off Iceman while playing a video game or you will get his wrath. He even steps on Chaz's neck in the victory pose to send a message to everyone that he is the BIG dog of Thunder's Arena!