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Zman Sampson pinned arm lock pecs abs

Zman vs Sampson - Mat Wars 11B

$ 23.49
$ 31.25

Zman vs Sampson

Z-Man is BACK! Thunder's Arena has moved to a new location Sampson's house. We find Z-man and our newest wrestler Maxiumus by the pool both warming up for some afternoon mat practice. Sampson walks in and Z-man shoots his mouth off and says he and Maximus can beat Sampson in a 2 agaist 1 tug of war. Well the battle is on to show off Sampson's power! He makes short work of the tug of war and attacks Z-man like a wild man. He uses all kinds of power moves, lifts, throws, and power bombs! His arrogance and power is out of control! Sampson is a real bad ass this match. Total destruction, domination, learn respect boy, squash job match against Z-man. Plus there is interference in this match from Maximus as he tries to save Z-man, yet he only finds himself trapped in another of Sampson's powerful 2 man bearhugs. That's right a 250 lbs man (Maximus) plus 165 lbs of Z-man get slammed together and lifted in Sampson's world famous double bearhug! You gotta see this to believe it! RAW POWER!