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Diesel vs "the camera guy" - Mat Rats 11

$ 31.59

IF you were a Thunder TV member you saw Diesel get fired from Thunder's Arena because he punched out the camera guy after he insulted Diesel. Well after fans wrote in asking Mr. Mike to keep Diesel, he decided to send Diesel to anger management classes before he could come back. One of the steps in Diesels road to recovery with his anger problems was to ask forgiveness to those you harmed. This film is what happened when Diesel went to ask our camera guy for forgiveness. Didn't go exactly as Diesel or Mr. Mike had planned. This quick side not our camera guy for the last year has been a former "All-American Guys Model" and you have seen him on the web in on various bodybuilding web pages. He is going to be a BIG surprise to some of you who our camera guy has been for the last year.