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Zman vs Ken & Gman vs Chaz - Battlespace 5

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

Gman vs Chaz

The battle of the bearhugs just gets bigger and bigger! Award winning bodybuilder G-man joins the team to show off his awesome power against Chaz. We got a lot of positive emails asking us to bring back Chaz and now he's here against this massive, strong, all powerful G-man. Chaz has been hitting the gym and added about 20 more pounds since we last saw him, but I don't think it's going to be enough to keep up with G-Man. This is a VERY intense match! LOTS of real power and real strength holds held for a long time. This is as good as it gets with bodybuilder vs bodybuilder. There are lots of great bearhugs, body scissors, headlocks, chokes, sleeper holds, camel clutches, and long held bearhugs! G-Man locked on a head scissors with those massive thigh, I thought he was going to pop Chaz's head right off it was so intense. I want to set the record straight, these 2 wrestled for real and it was pure hulking power in a battle for dominance & destruction!

Zman vs Ken

Ken is a good friend of Zack's and wanted to challenge him to a wrestling match. He comes from Hungary and wanted to show this American super model how real men wrestle in the eastern block. This is a great back and forth match with bearhugs, body slams, full nelsons, and some really long held holds. Lots of great mat work on this match.