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What is Thunder's Arena?


...a group of dudes who used to wrestle in high school and college.

Sick of watching tv wrestling's crazy characters, long screaming mic interviews, boring plots, and very little wrestling action?

We are wrestlers who love to entertain and bring back old school mat wrestling with a fusion of long-held holds, pro moves, college moves, and submission grappling. Wrestling takes skill, not weapons or cartoon characters to be entertainment. We use our athletic skills to bring a fresh, new look to wrestling and are not afraid to laugh and enjoy ourselves while we put on a show. 

Our headquarters in sunny Florida provide the ideal setting for indoor or outdoor matches.  You may even see us in the pool!

For more than eight years, we have brought our unique vision of wrestling entertainment to our fans in more than 20 countries around the world.

We draw our talents, both in front and behind the camera, from the diversity of our staff.  Models, bodybuilders, actors, athletes, and business professionals round out our team.

Enjoy the Show!