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What is Thunder's Arena?

 Have you ever watched wrestling on tv and felt disappointed? The long mic interviews, boring story lines, exaggerated drama...do you wish there was less talking and a whole lot more action?

Welcome to THUNDER'S ARENA! We deliver wrestling the way it should be: muscle pounding, vein popping, sweat dripping, non-stop action! Whether you're into good old fashioned Mat Wrestling: schoolboy pins, tie ups, cradles, and submissions or No Holds Barred, and choking, at Thunder's Arena, we include multiples styles of wrestling matches for anyone to enjoy. Squash matches, holiday themed, bearhug battles, big vs little, and sleeper matches just to name a few. 
Our high definition wrestling matches average around 20 minutes! That's longer than most matches you see on tv. From the coast of Florida to sunny Las Vegas, we offer more settings than just a regular wrestling ring. Pools, hotel rooms, rooftop decks, living rooms, bedrooms, backyards, the possibilities are endless! 
Our wrestlers come in all shapes and sizes from the 5'9" 140lbs Flaco to the 6'3" 320lbs Mountain. One thing they all have in common is MUSCLE! Models, athletes, bodybuilders, even world renowned professional wrestlers such as Brian Cage have joined in on the Thunder's Arena excitement!
Ever wished of creating your own dream wrestling match? At Thunder's, we can make that happen with our Custom Video Series. You are in the director's chair picking the wrestlers, location, their costumes, and the script including wrestling moves you want to see! Our staff will work diligently with you to help make all your muscle dreams a reality. 
We began more than 12 years ago as a small group with one common passion: wrestling. Now, we are proud to be a globally recognized wrestling website with fans all over the world. It is because of you the fans! Mr. Mike, our Thunder's Arena creator, our wrestlers, and our talented behind the scenes staff thank you for your support and look forward to helping you make the most of your Thunder's Arena experience! 



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