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Devin vs Rome vs Dawg - Christmas Chaos 2006A

Devin vs Rome vs Dawg - Christmas Chaos 2006A

$ 25.00

Rome vs Devin vs Dawg

Introducing the wildest, craziest, bodybuilder in Florida THE DAWG!  The dawg has won so many  bodybuilder contests that he has a special storage area for his trophys, still he wanted to try his hand at wrestling.  So his personality is so out there we decided it would take 2 people to bring him down.  In come Rome and Devin in our first ever 3 way match.  This is full of lots of great mat grappling in full mount with key joint locks that you see in UFC type matches.  Plus it has the classic power moves and lifts you love like boston crab, body scissors, gut punching, over the knee backbreaker, and figure 4 leg lock you come to love in our action packed matches!