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Gman vs Batar - Battlespace 07B

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Match 2 G-Man vs Batar

Massive bodybuilder G-Man is 235 pounds. Batar is at 175 pounds that is a 60 pound difference! What can I say but that Batar is one fearless man! He challenged G-man right after he took out Chaz and this was a great battle. Once again it's all about Batar using those powerful legs but this time he scissors G-Man and tries to make a massive bodybuilder submit! G-man doesn't stand for that and starts to put him in bearhugs and other submission holds like camel clutch and Boston Crabs. G-man has 21 inch arms and starts to crush Batar in his bearhugs, only to find Batar breaking out and actually putting him against the wall as Batar uses his boxing skills to gut punch G-man back into the wall. Who will win? You gotta get this one to see it! This is not to be missed! 

Batar one brave dude or nuts? Is this the start of Batar our new giant killer?
Order your DVD or Download and find out!