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Angel vs Chaz - Battlespace 8B

$ 29.89
$ 34.75

Angel vs Chaz

Bodybuilder Chaz is 175 pounds
Angel comes in at 135 pounds that is a 40 pound differenence!
Angel is BACK at it! This time, as always, running his mouth aff against the BIG men to try and bring them down. Chaz was just minding his own business one day outside when Angel just started teasing him and making fun of him because he was in a bad mood. I think he had a fight with his girlfriend, so he decides to take out his anger on Chaz. Or course poor Chaz has no idea how skilled Angel is as a former state champion, and man the battle is on! Chaz used a lot of his powerful legs to get various scissor holds on Angel. While Angel used his superior wrestling skills to toss poor Chaz all over the mat like a rag doll, then he uses some strange new submission holds I've never seen to make the bodybuilder submit! Chaz gets pissed and doesn't stand for that and comes out the next round ready to break some ribs on Angel in a powerful bearhugs! This is really a battle of brains vs brawn with super skilled Angel throwing on the head scissors, body slams, hip tosses, head lock throws...while Chaz counters with power moves like over the knee backbreakers, across the shoulder RACK, sleepers, choke slams and gut punching against Angel's six pack. So place your bets who will win speed, smart, & cocky, little guy or big, powerful, brawny bodybuilder to win? You gotta get it to find out!