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Devin gut punch Dimitre pecs arms biceps

Devin vs Dimitre - Mat Wars 06B

$ 22.22
$ 25.95

Devin vs  Dimitre  "Russian Judo Champion"

INTENSE & BRUTAL Devin's at it again!!!  This man isn't going to stop until someone is seriously hurt.  Now he tells us about this tough guy Russian, who he invites over saying he's thinking of learning Judo.  Well that is NOT what is on Devin's mind.  He challenges Dimitre to a gut punching contest and then starts really tearing into him with wrestling move after wrestling move.  Dimitre is a tough guy but who can stand against Devin's massive POWER and STRENGTH when he focuses everything he has on destroying you?  Devin master of domination has plans for every wrestler in Thunder's Arena.  He's going to destroy each and everyone until he gets a match against Titan.  He just squashes Dimitre like he's nothing.  Devin just goes from brutal submission hold to another on the mat, body scissors into a head scissors into a rear choke lock.  Then he picks Dimitre up only to crush him back down.  This brutal match tells me one thing attacking and dominating a smaller guy doesn't make you the best....it makes you Devin buddy, Devin! Devin dominates again with bearhugs, full nelsons, scissors holds, ab stretches, gut punching and once again his power and size leave the guy on the mat, unable to walk off....  We should change his name to Devin the dominator, he just leaves a line of fallen bodies on his way to the top of Thunder's Arena.