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Devin vs Angel - Mat Wars 06A

$ 31.25

Devin vs Angel

Something has really snapped inside of Devin, he's really tearing into people and becoming mean, angry, vicious.  He challenged Angel our newest wrestler, 18 years old and 5'8 and 145lbs, to a match while Devin stands at 25 years old and 5'10 with 200 pounds!  That's a 55 pound weight advantage!  Now I don't know who is more nuts, Devin for thinking attacking and dominating a smaller guys will make him a "big man" or Angel for accepting the fight.  We all know that a big man that squashes a little guy is just a bully...maybe that is what he's trying to be?  Devin's lost several matches to our best wrestlers so now he's pissed and going after anyone he KNOWS he can beat, what a loser.  The match started out with some basic takedowns and freestyle wrestling when out of the blue Devin kicks Angel right in the nuts.  He said it was a slip or "accident" but gives the new kid no time to really recover and starts in totally beating on him.  This completly pisses off Angel who puts Devin in the MOST embarrassing pin you could ever be trapped in wrestling and pins Devin 1, 2, 3 to the mat.  That makes Devin enraged and he comes back with the LONGEST gut punching session we have ever filmed to date and just works over Angels perfect abs, again and again.  Throws him into walls and all over the mat.  He just does move after move like bearhugs, full nelons, scissors holds, to wear down Angel till he just can't even get up or walk off the mat. It's total domination like I've never seen. You gotta see this action....        


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