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Zman Lex headlock arms biceps pecs chest

Zman vs Lex (Red) - Battlespace 3A

$ 25.95
$ 31.59

 Zack "the Z-Man" vs Lex (Red)

You wanna see some amazing wrestling this is the match you gotta get. I never would have dreamed in years we could put a match like this together. Red definetly has been studing hard at the pro wreslting school because he puts a serious smackdown on Zack. You can really tell RED HATES arrogant pritty boys and loves to humilate, dominate, and teach them a lesson. You are going to see some fine mat wrestling with long holds but also some SERIOUSLY WILD and mind blowing stunts that will shock you. If you like watching really good pro wrestling you can't miss this match. I showed it to my friends and they just loved it! It was exciting to watch, fun, and really cool stuff. This is a must see, like nothing else we have put on film to date.