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Troy Stevens vs Zman - Bodybuilder Battle 03

$ 22.22
$ 25.00

USA vs Canada
"Zman here. Supposedly got someone coming here from Canada. Everyone knows USA is 10 times better than Canada. Oh Canada, oh give me a break! Nobody looks like this in Canada. A bunch of chumps!"
In walks the 6'6" 310lbs Canadian giant Troy Stevens who towers over the 5'10" 165lbs Zman. That's 20lbs shy of being TWICE THE SIZE of Zman!!! "Where you from?" "Canada!" says Troy as he pushes Zman. "Not so cocky now, cat got your tongue, little GQ?"
"I can take you. I'm not worried!" says Zman. "I'll give you the first shot; lady's first, let's go!" Zman gut punches the giant. "Are you serious?" Troy gut punches and throws him to the mat. He lifts Zman in a massive fireman's carry, carries him upside down by his ankles, and drops him. Zman screams in pain! 
"Come on GQ get up!" Zman jumps on Troy but is caught in an UPSIDE DOWN BEARHUG. The muscle giant takes him down lays on top of him crushing him with his weight! Zman is in agony. "Still waiting!" Zman tries to bearhug Troy but is picked up and dropped over the giant's knee. The Canadian sits on Zman's back in a crippling camel clutch. "Feel the stretch!"
Troy bearhugs Zman from behind SHAKING him like a rag doll! Mr. GQ jumps on the Canadian's back trying for a sleeper but is thrown to the mat. The behemoth LEG DROPS and body scissors Zman with his TREE TRUNK quads. "Is that all you got?" groans Zman.  The giant isn't done and chokelifts the American with ONE HAND! Zman is being annihilated!
Zman jumps on, hammerlocks, and tries to take down the giant. Nothing is working! "You don't impress me!" Troy sits on Zman's gut crushing him, "Looking like a soaring eagle now American, aren't ya?" mocks Troy. Zman gasps for air!
Troy clotheslines then BODY SPLASHES Zman. "Let the camera see that pain, say mercy!" The muscle beast hammerlocks the American and spanks his glutes, "Say it, Canada's #1!" Zman refuses and is lifted upside down in a one arm bearhug!
An over the knee BACK BREAKER and another body splash from the giant, "Say it, Canada's #1!" Zman screams, "Canada's #2!" The muscle beast is furious and clotheslines him again. "Right where you belong on the floor! Come on pretty boy! Where your abs getting you now?" Troy lifts Zman in a fireman's carry then a SIT DOWN PILEDRIVER!
Chokelifts, bearhugs, clotheslines, Boston crab! Will Zman make the ultimate comeback and topple the Canadian giant, or will Troy Stevens get the win over team USA? Trust us you will watch in amazement at the INCREDIBLE power of the 310lbs behemoth!