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Conan vs Angel - Bodybuilder Battle 19

$ 31.25

Angel is back and ready for action in this BIG vs LITTLE mismatch that will blow your mind. Watch as Angel weighing in at 135 lbs. takes on Conan weighting in at 250 lbs giving Conan a 115 lbs weight advantage is amazing! Conan wasted no time in catching Angel in a bone crushing bearhug. Then flips him into an over the knee backbraker. Angel wastes no time countering with gut punches and tries to lift and tries to bearhug Conan back, the results were comical to watch. Still Conan stalks his prey and starts to taunt Angel. Insulting us American's by calling wondering out loud if all American's are this weak. Conan just continues the assault of bearhugs, choke lifts, and even has Angel trapped in an over the shoulder backbreaker and walks around like he weighs nothing. Finally dropping him down for more gut punching, Angel suddenly pulls a fast one and counters with a sleeper. Will Angel put the big man out? or will Conan just break his grip and continue to crush the little guy? You gotta get the match and find out....