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Ace Hanson vs Uno - Bodybuilder Battle 22

$ 39.95

Ace Hanson is trying to have a relaxing day by the pool when new rookie Uno shows up and gives Ace an unwanted surprise. Ace is not at all happy to see Uno and jumps to teach the new guy a lesson. It starts out with Ace getting Uno in a bear hug, but Uno has a few moves of his own to show Ace. Uno picks Ace up over his shoulder and throws him down on the mat, but Ace quickly recovers and puts Uno in a tight leg scissors the younger guy cant get out of. The wrestlers take turns putting each other in bearhugs, full nelsons and body scissors as they each try to dominate the other. Both of these big muscle guys go all out to show the other who's boss, but in the end only one can be the winner.